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August 24, 2018
Posted On:
Wednesday, August 29, 2018

West Chester Elementary News    

By: Emily Brown     


    We had another great week here at West Chester!  First through third grade students will finish up their fall iReady benchmark tests this week.  They are very excited about iReady this year because they will be “racing and getting to the finish line” during computer lab time!  When visiting the library, students have been learning how to care for library books that they will soon be checking out. Watch for library book checkout forms to come home soon and remind your child to take care of books!    

    This week started our first weekly “rockin’ behavior” awards!  Congratulations to these boys and girls for being awarded a prize and certificate for this week: Hunter Roberts, Jackson Fahs, Eppie Rowsey, Houston Griggs, Hannah Cook, Makenah Carnell, Shelbie Cross, Callaway Scott, Miley Cupples, Maggie Whitehead, Leura Rowsey, Laylah Mosier, Caylee Austin, and Bailey Blankenship.   Boys and girls, keep being respectful, orderly, cooperative, and never know when someone is watching!

    We have to continue to brag on how well our large group of kindergarten car riders are doing in the afternoons!  They are doing a great job listening for their name and loading quickly. Please make sure that your child can open the car door by him or herself.  Also, work on buckling up independently. If your child can’t buckle, please pull over out of the line to buckle so the traffic is not held up.

    Please collect Box Tops for Education!  Each box top equals 10 cents for our school!  This is an easy way for us to earn money for our school.  There was a note sent home from the library, along with the collection sheet.  Anytime that you need more sheets, they are in a basket in the library or you can let your child’s teacher know.  You can also put 50 box tops in a ziploc bag.

    Morning car riders are dropped off at the front door.  If it is before 7:30 a.m., students will report to the gym.  Breakfast is provided every morning until 7:50. Lunch prices are 40 cents for reduced and $2.00 for full priced.  In the afternoon, please make sure that you have your car rider tags visible. Kindergarten and first grade load by the gym double doors and second and third grade load at the back.  We ask that you not be on your cell phone while in car rider line for the safety of our children and employees who are walking them out. If you need to make transportation changes, please do so by sending a note or calling the school office before 2:30 p.m. If you are in need of a car rider tag, you can send a note or call the office and we will be glad to get it to you.  You only need a car tag if your child is primarily a car rider.

    Please make sure that you have signed and returned all school paperwork.  At West, we “ROCK” because we strive daily to be Respectful, Orderly, Cooperative, and Kind!  Mark your calendars for these upcoming dates at West: Fall Pictures-Aug.28; Sept. 3-NO SCHOOL for Labor Day; Sept. 4 - Oct. 4 - PTO Membership Drive.  

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